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Letting go and teamwork; the spontaneous co-creation of dreamprojects

The whole week culminated in the Miracle, which took place over the weekend of 30th September / 1st October and was a communal construction project with […]

Tällberg Global Leaders 2017: Rodrigo Rubido Alonso / Instituto ELOS selected

Let’s celebrate!!! The Tällberg Foundation today announced the selection of four new Tällberg Global Leaders. They join a select group of individuals from around the world whose […]

Active listening as a path to inviting people to join Collado Mediano’s Talentshow

Today, on the 2nd full day of the program, we did an exercise to practice active listening before going out into the community to collect […]

Affection: experiences of how to approach people and build connections

It is Tuesday, the first whole day of the OASIS. Our task: To go out into the village, looking for beauties, talents and stories. How […]

CEAL blog: Thelma & Louise

It was 7pm, in an evening in late January, Zuriñe and I were driving a van through Biscay bringing resources to Merkatu, where our project […]

CEAL blog: From student to social entrepreneur – by Peter Linde

Three weeks into the course we found ourselves inside the classroom again. Small groups of students spread through the room working hard on developing their […]

CEAL blog: The story of how kitchen tiles can activate a community

This is a story about how materials ready for the garbage can play a role in community transformation! We were preparing our first OASIS game, […]

CEAL Blog: A change of approach at TU Berlin by Christoph Walther

I would have never guessed that our university had such a facility: a big, majestic hall, tables arranged in U-shape, facing a big screen. A […]


CEAL organizer Alex Lopez and participant Gorka share about what the most important changes were during the CEAL-program.