Wijk & Co

Wijk & Co (Nederlands)

Wijk & Co is an community based cooperation of Youké, Al Amal en Careyn. The cooperation focuses on social work (social brokers) in 2 parts of Utrecht City. The teams are self regulated and the entire organisation is very flat: 3 teams of social workers, one manager and one person doing administrative support.

The cooperation aims to realise a well-functioning social infrastructure that stimulate the community to be self-supporting.

Activities are focused on developments of talents, empowerment, strengthening of networks and activation of citizens to take their own initiatives. Wijk & co supports citizens (adults and children) to connect and move forward together.

The mission of Wijk & Co is to inspire and support citizens in Utrecht (Overvecht & North East) to, starting from personal drive
and capability, develop their talents, to connect and to cooperate.

This start with opening up and showing genuine interest in the other.