Altekio / GSA Madrid (SPAIN)


Altekio provides creative and resilient solutions to the challenges faced by people, communities and regions. By doing so, Altekio aims to create sustainability and democracy. It takes a holistic approach to these social, ecological and economic issues. The three main areas our organization works with are sustainability, civic participation and social economy. We identify, design and develop research projects, educational tasks, facilitation and social work programs.

In the area of civic participation, we support associations and communities to further team work, achieve profound democracy and increase participation. We also work on conflict resolution, non violent communication and successful decision making. Since the year 2008 we have been developing Oasis methodology in various contexts. Together with other people and social initiative cooperatives, we created GSA Madrid, a group from where to develop projects inspired by Elos Philosophy and Oasis Game.
We are affiliated with numerous civic participation and social action networks such as: REAS (Network of Networks of Solidarity and Alternative Economy), Mercado Social de Madrid (Social Market Madrid), Red Creando Futuro (Creating Future Network ) and IIFACE (Institute of Facilitation and Change).”
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Ana Pardo
Comunicación y gestión de proyectos
Altekio, iniciativas hacia la sostenibilidad, S.Coop.Mad.
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