Kiribil Sarea (BASQUE COUNTRY)

kiribil logoWe are a network of non profit institutions of local social initiatives; we work for community empowerment through socio-educational programs at the municipal level. In total we are a network of 7 entities that manages 32 projects with 152 volunteers and 44 paid professionals with different dedications and roles.

Kiribil Network develops different youth programs for and with young people among several partners:

  • Develop youth programs at local and Basque Country level.
  • Develop youth programs at European level.
  • Facilitate the coordination among diverse networks and youth organizations.
  • Promote and develop training tools and learning experiences among youth workers and youth volunteers.

The increasingly complex context, in which they develop the social and educational services, legal requirements, more demanding, and the complexity of organizations willing to take on the challenge of managing services in this space, requires the generation of dynamic shared work to the optimization of resources under the criteria of economy of scale and joint response to shared needs.


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