Training Utrecht


After the first two trainings most pilot projects had been run or had at least started off for quite a while, which was an excellent timing for a 5 day gathering in Utrecht with the main purpose of diving deeper into community entrepreneurship, how to sustain it and how to integrate the experience in personal- and community-setting.

In April 2016 the Utrecht team hosted the Community entrepreneurship training in the community of overvecht hosting 24 participants, again additional to involved professionals welcoming youth related to the local projects. The group gained knowledge and experience on transition towards sustainability, how to spread the story through storytelling, defining a potential business models and get inspired by examples of various examples of community enterprises to extract learnings for how to create the right conditions for embedding and continuation.

As much as the Edventure training, the Utrecht session, was also very experiential. It involved project visits and project presentations, short, practical training sessions, followed by a process of applying the learnings in worksessions to harnessing learnings and creating output to share to connected stakeholders.

The activities of the training were:
– introduction to the comunidade emprendedoras program in Brazil and the cloverleaf model and social entrepreneurship model used by the University of Utrecht
– Through a neighbourhood safari introduction to concrete projects realized in Utrecht, Amsterdam and other places where projects are turned into community entreprises.
– A workshop on storytelling to capture most important learnings, but also translate them into stories of change, followed by blog writing session.
– Project presentations through museum walk, capturing the most important lessons about the CEAL-model and community entrepreneurship for a dialogue session.
– cooperative games and fire circle, continuing the practice of strengthening community through sharing and play as done by Instituto Elos Brazil.
– After workshops or content sessions, the group got the space for working sessions, to use the input for either further development of the pilot design or working sessions of several subgroups setup in the partnership such as ‘pedagogical framework’, ‘measuring impact’, ‘communication’ and ‘learning platform’.
The program was set up as follows;

Day 1: Afternoon and evening : check-in and cooperative games

Day 2: Morning: museum walk – pilot presentations + action learning harvest session
Afternoon: Neighborhood safari of Overvecht with visit and exchange of best practices with 4 initiatives around topic of sustainable community enterprising
Evening: Fire-circle reflection session

Day 3: Morning: Bigger picture session – lecture on comunidades emprendedoras program in Brazil and workshop storytelling and blog writing session
Afternoon: workshop cloverleave model and dialogue about definition of social entrepereneurship.
Evening: U-nite festival – evening hosted by one of the pilot outcomes – youthfestival in Overvecht.

Day 4: Morning: Worksession
Afternoon: open space ad reflection session of learnings and worksessions on designing check-out phase of pilot projects in Utrecht.

Day 5: Morning: Open space for how to take the experience forward, check-out and harvest of most important lessons.


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