Stichting Elos Nederland

ELOS NL Elos Netherlands is a learning institute for community mobilizer and social entrepreneurs, training youth, community workers and social entrepreneurs to become facilitators and organizer of community- and social business development programs. Elos Netherlands is partner of Instituto Elos Brazil who has developed over the last 15 years the school of warriors without weapons and build a practice around a 7 steps methodology called the Oasis Game.

Through non-formal, learning-by-doing education programs we give participants of our programs a unique experiential learning environment and a set of skills that we see are vital to type of leadership neededin all levels of society. Skills include appreciative enquiry, collaboration and co-creation methods, dialoguing, understanding of (social) processes, facilitation and entrepreneurship.

With the Warriors Without Weapons program during 8 editions of the program more than 400 participants impacted 21 communities in Brazil and brought this work to 38 countries, impacting over 300 communities in and outside Brazil. In the last 5 years this movement has expanded rapidly with the Oasis Game format, a gamification process of the philosophy which lead to an even bigger wave of community actions and committed groups.

Since 2010 Elos Netherlands has build up an organization that is teaching our target groups to be active engaged citizens, with a focus on youth. Our training program include ‘Oasis training’ and a longer term development program called ‘community entrepreneurs’. Elos Netherlands has a core-team of 4, a board, a network of 20 trainers/facilitators in Holland and has (a.o.) executed programs with challenged communities, with the residents and local youth. In many programs students, professionals and social entrepreneurs participate, in mixed diverse intercultural groups which offer very rich mutual learning environments.

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