La Adobera y enProceso

The “Espacio la Adobera” (The “Adobera” space) (Space: la Adobera of San Martin) it’s a local development Project started by the social cooperative Enproceso in 2012 and its currently managed by an neighbors association funded in 2014 named Espacio la Adobera de San Martín. Its main goal is to recover the space of la Adobera (and old construction in the village) for the development of projects that will boost rural areas in different dimensions: social, educational, economic and cultural. The people involved in this association are specially youngsters interested in the development of the rural areas and with a pro-active attitude and involvement in various community initiatives.
The community partner from GSA Madrid are the cooperative enProceso together with the neighbors’ association of “La Adobera”. Formed by a team of professionals with experience in social intervention and community mobilization; enProceso develops projects to support different social groups, specially youth, childhood, women and groups in risk of exclusion. They also organize training activities oriented to organizations of the third sector. One of their working lines is to promote social and economic sustainability in rural areas; promoting projects towards enhancing an entrepreneurial culture within the youth living in small villages, developing spaces for innovation and social entrepreneurship.

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