EU Strategic Partnership

The CEAL-Network is framed under the European Union Erasmus + Program, Key Action 2. Strategic partnership fostering knowledge alliances.

Knowledge Alliances are transnational, structured and result-driven projects, notably between higher education and business. Knowledge Alliances are open to any discipline, sector and to cross-sectoral cooperation. The partners share common goals and work together towards mutually beneficial results and outcomes.

As a general rule, Knowledge Alliances target the cooperation between organisations established in Programme Countries. However, organisations from Partner Countries can be involved in a Knowledge Alliance as partners (not as applicants) if their participation brings an essential added value to the project.

Knowledge Alliances implement a coherent and comprehensive set of interconnected activities which are flexible and adaptable to different current and future contexts and developments across Europe. The following list provides examples of group of activities:

  • Boosting innovation in higher education, business and in the broader socio-economic environment;
  • Developing entrepreneurship mind-set and skills
  • Stimulating the flow and exchange of knowledge between higher education and enterprises.

Knowledge Alliances may organise mobility activities of students, researchers and staff in so far as they support/complement the other activities of the Alliance and bring added value in the realisation of the project’s objectives.