CEAL-program Edventure – Frome (UK)

This pilot took place in Frome, a town and civil parish in eastern Somerset, England. Frome as a town is strongly focused on community participation, promoting local economy and promoting sustainable living. A vibrant area where Edventure has been hosting for several years a course in community enterprise for 18-30 year olds, including a 2-month team challenge, a week-long residential for reflection and an optional 6-months of individual support for starting up a project, self-employment or business.

Compared to other pilots the Frome program is already a strongly established program and structure in which young adults participate full time and are supported by people and organizations from the local community. They learn by setting up community projects and social enterprises for local organizations.

During the program run in the fall of 2015 the student were given the challenge to find solutions for food waste. The program kicks-off with various introduction activities and getting to know the community, inspired by Elos philosophy and Oasis Game elements, but enriched with various workshops and reflection moments.

Shortly after the actual realization of the project started and 10 students started researching possible forms of re-use, hosting various events where diners were served with food that people and businesses tent to throw away. This created already a lot of consciousness and additionally the concept of the Community-fridge was launched.

The community-fridge is a public sharing space, where people store food that they are not using for others to take home. Therewith stimulating the sharing economy, but also saving up to 3kg of food otherwise wasted a day. The initiative was praised on BBC.

The experience of setting up such a participatory community initiative promted half of the group to started self-employment or a project after the training.

Community partner – Frome Town Council, the parish authority for the town of Frome. Our work falls into three main categories; representing the local community, providing services to meet local needs and striving to improve the quality of life in Frome, through (a.o.) building a sustainable economy for the town and building a vibrant community that is able to participate in local community life and decision making about public services

Educactional partner – Edventure Frome is the school and platform for community entrepreneurs with the mission to support young adults to take initiative and create viable, sustainable futures for themselves and their community. Edventure Frome brings the local community together to support the next generation, in a win-win scenario for people, community and the environment. We do partner with local educational institutions on occasion.

Program Design
– PHASE 1. Introduction training week including OASIS methodology, goal            setting, team development and meeting the local community
– PHASE 2. Challenge phase including setting up community events and
projects to tackle local food waste, combined with community enterprise
– PHASE 3. Residential Reflection including reflection of the experience and
project planning for the future (of Edventure or individual participants?

Participants – 10 students and 30 community members

– The Community Fridge that promotes a sharing economy
– Savings of approximately 3kg of food waste a day
– 50% of participants started self-employment or a project after the training
– 320 diverse local people participated in community events
– 15 local volunteers supported participants through mentoring, coaching and providing opportunities

Learning– “Building community networks is a key takeaway for participants. People gain a lot from working through conflicts” – Johannes Moeller

Who to get in touch with for participation of more information?
Get in touch with Johannes Muller via www.edventurefrome.org