EDE Fundazioa

EDE Fundazioa (Basque Country)


EDE Foundation is a non-profit organization that advocates social development in Biscay, through the training and support of individuals and organizations working in the field of social intervention. Over thirty intense years of development and hard work have characterized the contribution of the EDE Foundation in social education and in its promotion, which has been further enhanced by twenty years experience in the revitalization of social, cultural, educational and environmental projects.

EDE Foundation is one of the key players in the field of social intervention in Biscay, with 50,000 direct users and 400 organizations using their services annually. Currently the foundation is made up of 419 individuals. There are a further 52 volunteers and 241 teaching collaborators.

The main activities of EDE Foundation are:

• Training programs.
• Social consultancy.
• Social Research.
• Information services and literature.
• Job brokering and career counselling services.
• Awareness, development and institutional mediation services.

EDE Taldea has links and work with groups and organisations from social, cultural and educational fields, who are involved in social development. These include amongst others; the Bishopric of Bilbao, Cáritas Diocesana (Catholic Charity Organization), Basque Scouts, Basque Government, Regional Council of Biscay, Bilbao Town Council and BBK bank. EDE Taldea also takes part in a large number of initiatives in the field of social intervention: Gizardatz (social employer), Didania (TL federation), Youth Council of the Basque Country and Astialdi Foroa, Fiare (Ethical Bank), Kiribil (Local Community Development).

Our figures during 2014:

• EDE Taldea provided 12,130 hours of training to 4,190 professional and voluntary workers.
• They assisted 600 people in the areas of career counselling and business development.
• EDE Taldea provided 36,400 hours of social and business development consultancy, and 4,730 hours of study and research.
• Around 43,000 people have been assisted by their information services and literature.
• EDE Taldea invested around 96,500 hours of work in social, cultural and educational programmes with children, young people and the elderly.