Ideen hoch drei (GERMANY)


Ideas³ (Ideen hoch drei) is an association creating rooms for development. We open up innovative learning spaces for sustainable development on personal and institutional level in different areas of society. It was founded in 2009 and currently has 78 members throughout Germany. Ideas³ is a politically, economically and religiously independent organization.

With >Room 1< we give space for local communities focused around good, fulfilled and sustainable living. We believe that personal happiness and development is connected to being part of a community, that €œI€ and €œWe€ belong together. All over Germany we are organized in local Ideas ³ groups, which creating rooms for action on a local level. With >Room 2< we host public events, learning programms and workshops which give inspiration, ideas and courage to (not only) young people and make tangible that it is not only possible to change the world, but the greatest satisfaction to work with intention. One example is the bicycle tour >Ideen erfahren / Driving IdeasRoom 3< we support (profit and not-for-profit) organisations in finding and realising meaningful visions and becoming more vivid.