Training Madrid



After our kick-off meeting in Brussels we came with our primary local partners to madrid for a 5 day gathering with the main purpose of getting fully acquainted with the Elos Philosophy and Oasis Game, the framework and inspiration that thrives this project.

In June 2015 the Madrid team hosted an introduction training to the Oasis Game and Elos philosophy for 18 professionals who were going to apply this in the local pilots. The group gained knowledge and experience on how to apply this Brazilian community mobilization tool and were coached in preparing the local project using the 7-steps, while learning community-building skills and tools for their own use.

Our additional purpose and activities were:
1. to get to know each other, have extra spaces for debate upon the topics of this project: community, based-entrepreneurship, youth and diversity, bridging between communities and universities, etc…
2. We applied and learned various cooperative games and activities that enhanced the group-culture and sense of community, while transferring these social techniques to the groups to use in their local activities.
3. We also want extensively into program design based on the Elos philosophy and principles that we set for our collective work. Country groups worked out a design-plan and shared their outlines with the other groups in a world-café setting.
4. To create a community of collective vision, principles and purpose by hosting dialogue sessions about collective principles, collective questions, collective practices.

The program was set up as follows;

Day 1: Morning: check-in, cooperative games and presentations of all partners.
Afternoon: introduction to the Oasis Game

Day 2: Morning: continuation Elos philosophy and Oasis Game workshop
Afternoon: setting of principles and pilot design framework based on Elos philosophy

Day 3: Morning: Community entrepreneurship inspiration visit
Afternoon: World-café with pilot design session

Day 4: Morning: World-café with pilot design session
Afternoon: presentation pilot designs in Elos philosophy framework

Day 5: Morning: open space session on deeper learning questions
Afternoon: check-out and practical next steps

Download Madrid training report