The Dresdner59

The Dresdner59 (Germany)

The Dreifaltigkeitskirchgemeinde Leipzig itself extends over a very heterogeneous area in the east of Leipzig. This district has many people with a migrant background, who are unemployed, pensioners, students and since the last years even more and
more young families.

At the moment, the parish has nearly 3,000 members, but only few occur in the visible church. With about 40 regular churchgoers and a quite vivid churchlive with different church choirs, confirmation-work and family trips this parish corresponds to many others in Germany.

In August 2014 the church employed Johanna Pahl to rise a project in the rooms of the parsonage, which opens the church to the district on the one hand and gives space for community-life apart religious ambitions, on the other hand.

So the “Dresdner59” was born and is now a physical space where people get encouraged to participate and improve life in the district. Since April a neighborhood-Café opened three days the week for so me hours. There you get fresh baked pie, fairtrade coffee an regional juices for a donation, but more important is the alliance people experience here and the projects that occur from this place.

The Dresdner59 is open to all generations, biographies and ideologies, it is supposed to be: A small oasis of coexistence.