Niels Koldewijn

CEAL blog: Thelma & Louise

It was 7pm, in an evening in late January, Zuriñe and I were driving a van through Biscay bringing resources to Merkatu, where our project was based. With me driving and Zuriñe guiding, we shared our excitement, joy and satisfaction in that we had found an oasis moment of our […]

CEAL blog: From student to social entrepreneur – by Peter Linde

Three weeks into the course we found ourselves inside the classroom again. Small groups of students spread through the room working hard on developing their ideas for starting social enterprises: initiatives that are going to change the world, starting with Utrecht Overvecht. I dreamed of the students go outside since […]

CEAL blog: The story of how kitchen tiles can activate a community

This is a story about how materials ready for the garbage can play a role in community transformation! We were preparing our first OASIS game, which would take place in the Muide, a neighbourhood in Ghent. The game involves listening appreciatively to the community, allowing them to dream and then […]

CEAL Blog: A change of approach at TU Berlin by Christoph Walther

I would have never guessed that our university had such a facility: a big, majestic hall, tables arranged in U-shape, facing a big screen. A little trolley serves cookies and coffee. The commission starts their assembly. Topics of the day appear on the screen – our project is listed at […]