Making Ripples

Do you remember the feeling of throwing a pebble and let it jump across the surface of a quiet water? One, two, three, four, yeahh! That´s how we found out how making ripples can be fun. In Septemeber 2017 a group of 20 Europeans came together to find out how […]

Fishing for dreams

Thursday afternoon, the park where we prepared a small stage, chairs and tables is slowly filling with people. We invite them to write down their dreams on little coloured cards and hang them on the rose bushes, our “garden of dreams”. A group of OASIS participants has been out all day with […]

Letting go and teamwork; the spontaneous co-creation of dreamprojects

The whole week culminated in the Miracle, which took place over the weekend of 30th September / 1st October and was a communal construction project with the people of Collado Mediano.   Everything in the Oasis game is very spontaneous and reactive to the dreams and desires of the inhabitants, and the […]

Tällberg Global Leaders 2017: Rodrigo Rubido Alonso / Instituto ELOS selected

Let’s celebrate!!! The Tällberg Foundation today announced the selection of four new Tällberg Global Leaders. They join a select group of individuals from around the world whose work, accomplishments and prospects embody the kind of leadership needed in the 21st century. The 2017 Tällberg Global Leaders are: Rodrigo Rubido Alonso, an architect, […]

Active listening as a path to inviting people to join Collado Mediano’s Talentshow

Today, on the 2nd full day of the program, we did an exercise to practice active listening before going out into the community to collect the stories and talents that lie behind the beauties that we discovered yesterday in the Appreciative Gaze phase. So we were continuing with the Affection […]

Affection: experiences of how to approach people and build connections

It is Tuesday, the first whole day of the OASIS. Our task: To go out into the village, looking for beauties, talents and stories. How to approach people? For some people it seems to be really easy to involve each and everybody into a casual conversation. Not for me. Welcome […]


CEAL organizer Alex Lopez and participant Gorka share about what the most important changes were during the CEAL-program.  


During the miracle phase, we are all scattered about, occupied with their own projects, running in and out. In this situation it is not always easy to spot newcomers. Three guys walk in who has attended the the workshop, but were not there during the first Oasis Game weekend. Without […]


‘Social enterprise as a challenge’ is a class offered by the Utrecht School of Governance, part of the University of Utrecht. The course draws students from multidisciplinary backgrounds who want to apply their knowledge and skills to the subject of social impact. Through the class, students get to test their […]


“To dream means to provide the appropriate space and relationship for the expression of the best and deepest aspirations in us all.” (Elos philosophy) For the last two weekends of February we experienced the Oasis game in Belgium for the first time. A group of volunteers from Act4Change in collaboration […]