Letting go and teamwork; the spontaneous co-creation of dreamprojects

The whole week culminated in the Miracle, which took place over the weekend of 30th September / 1st October and was a communal construction project with the people of Collado Mediano.   Everything in the Oasis game is very spontaneous and reactive to the dreams and desires of the inhabitants, and the […]


CEAL Blogpost of Izaskun – participant of the CEAL-program in Portugalete, Basque Country During the second day of the Oasis game, held in the old indoor market of Portugalete, Basque Country, we went outside looking for dreams and talents that could contribute to our project. In the Oasis Game this phase […]

The importance of space, for learning and transformation

Blogpost CEAL of G – participant of the Edventure-program in Frome, UK Having the space to work is of the utmost importance should we wish to create new avenues of thought and channels of action within ourselves, to manifest in the world around us and connect with clarity to others. At Edventure […]

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