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Blog: Power of Play – an impression of the CEAL- Utrecht gathering

2 May 2016

Bi-weekly the CEAL-network will post blogs and stories of participants and partners of the CEAL-network. This week a post of Christoph Walther, part of the German partnership, sharing about the power of play;

Yesterday, Stephie introduced my to a fun game for two. It helps to wake up to each other and the world.

This morning, I was real tired. At least, the was was bright. After a rather sleepy and solitary breakfast, I started to pay more attention to the place I was at…

I am in Utrecht at the CEAL meeting. And not the only one to be lost at such early hour. Like Gee. From Frome. She looks tired too!

In this very moment, I felt a connection – both of us are lost, awake but still asleep, no coffee could change this, but…

Stephies game comes to mind, I ask Gee to play with me and off we go. I dont even remember the details of the game but this doesnt prevent us from waking up to each other, to the world, by exercising the movements of “the game”, throwing hands to top or left or right. Hurray!

I find help around the corner, Stephie in the kitchen, she shows us how it goes to be fun:

1. Face each other.
2 Throw your hands to either left or right or up, simoultaneously.
3 Clap hands on legs.
4 If 2 went in same direction, clap each others hands. If not, perform 2 & 3 (&4)

It resulted in much laughing and another game outside, becoming active by experiencing the power of play and its capacity to reload our presence in the world we share!


Picture; the CEAL together in Utrecht, during the celebration of U-nite, with Christoph on bottom row 2nd on the left