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Blog: A miracle in Muide

1 June 2016

A couple of weekends ago we played Oasis Game in Muide (Ghent). The Miracle phase of the game is where all our plans are made real. We were with 20 youngsters, helping to organise our movie night. We made delicious food that came out of the neighbourhood. Others made a cosy corner with pillows, candles and old pallets.

After the movie-night one of our participants invited us to make a fire circle and sit together. We took some snacks and drinks and chat more about our successful night. We had done it!

Kimberly had joined the Oasis Game because she wanted more connections in the neighbourhood. In the beginning she was rather shy and introvert but during this fire circle she spoke up to the group to gratefully thank everyone for being here and give her the opportunity to grow.

Before we started this game we were very curious what the impact of the Oasis Game would be. This moment really captured it for me. The game made it possible to take away thresholds on individual level but also on the level of the group. Together we made something possible that was unique and bonding. Together we shared our comfort-zones to change ourselves and the community.

Katrin Van den Troost
Volunteer with Act4change