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1st Training Gathering of the CEAL-Network at Madrid, Spain

17 June 2015

Early June the CEAL- Network team got againg together at Madrid with new guests. Each of the partner’s organisations brought its local pilot-working team; inviting an educational institution and community organisation to join the CEAL-Network. The three organisations together in a local team at each partner city/country, will develop a pilot activity in their territories to foster community-based entrepreneurship lead by youth, and will take part of the learning-exchange meetings and trainings throughout the partnership. The purpose of Madrid’s gathering; was to get to know each other, have extra space for debate upon the topics of this project: community, based-entrepreneurship, youth and diversity, bridging formal and non-formal education, social entrepreneurship competences and relationships between communities and universities, youth and students, etc…

We also did a training towards deepening on Elos Philosophy and Oasis Game, the framework and inspiration that thrives this project. And had co-design sessions towards defining the common framework of our pilots, the questions, the challenges, the learning outcomes we’re aiming to, and the learning questions to guide us.

A five day intensive meeting with plenty of exchange of experiences and knowlledge. A great follow up of our first meeting in Brussels and a lot to keep on working and prepare for our next training at Frome, UK.

Check more pictures here.


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