The Community-based Entrepreneurship Action Learning (CEAL) network is a network across 6 countries, building, applying and testing new forms of education and community work that offer youth from various backgrounds to work together community entrepreneurship projects and skills, with support of the Erasmusplus+ program of the European Unioin. In the recent year 8 programs are running in 5 countries across Europe, for youth that are wanting to learn new ways of building collaborative community projects, with income generating potential.

Get to know the CEAL Programs that have been running across Europe in the agenda and the video.

On September 3rd and 4th we will host a 2 day-festival in Brussel to close the pilot and testing phase of the CEAL-network. We’ll share all our learnings, outcomes and developed CEAL-model in a 2 day festival full of workshops, speakers, markets and more. Stay tuned on our festivalpage.

ceal FESTIVAL (1)

During the period of October 2015 till of June 2016, a series of programs took place in the following communities:

  • Portugalete (Basque Country – Spain)
  • Segovia (Spain)
  • Berlin and Leipzig (Germany)
  • Gent (Belgium)
  • Utrecht (Netherlands)
  • Frome (United Kingdom)

See here the experience in Bilbao;

With support of the European Union and thanks to the collaboration between social institutions, local communities and educational institutions programs are offered with the aim of offering real-life learning experience by building entrepreneurial projects in communities with the help of the Brazilian Elos philosophy and Oasis Game methodology. Wanna know why you should participate in a CEAL-program? Download our CEAL-invitation!. Or check the various videos or processes and results of CEAL-programs.

Watch here how the Oasis game works and supports to create community driven initiatives: